Sunday, April 30, 2006

I'll just wait until Tuesday then

I'd like to start this entry by stating that the picture of the tool to your left is not me..... now let's begin.

"Immigration" protest/walkoff/take the day off/whatever you want to call it on Monday........... i can't wait.... and really does it make you care about immigration issues?...... yeah me too (maybe because it has nothing to do with immigration and more about a latin political foothold)........... but i'll get to that tomorrow.. First lets talk about protest itsself

Amigos..... come on.... seriously step back and look at the entire plata here. Your only taking off ONE day..... 24 hours... that is not a walkoff, that's a break. Your taking a break for the day, calling in sick, mailing it in.... and that's cool.... but you want the US to feel an impact?? ..ok .. Retail and restraunts industries...hmmm.. hate to break it to you but Monday isn't there big cash in day... what else Landscaping and Construction.... oh damn.... you got us.... I guess American will have to wait a day to get that grass cut.. every person/buisness is going to look at their long grass and untrimmed edges and say..............

"Eh.. we'll just have it done to tomorrow when those immigrants are done with there break and come back to work tomorrow.... I'm going to Starbucks want anything.... a zebra?... no i've never had one..... white chocolate with mocha.. wow."

and we all know how timely and efficent the Construction buisness is....... your really ruining their reputation by stalling a day...... one fucking day? why? why one day? your going to protest for one day and them go back to work the next day? I have a feeling... just a hunch...... the dishes will still be stacked up in the sink ready to be washed on Tuesday... one day??

.... and who picked the day on this protest?

International Labor day.... May Day, typically celebrated by various large socialist and communist parties with large union worker rallies....... Psssssssssst.... i'm going to let you guys in on a little secert.... communisit.... not so popular in the US.. or the UK (if your planning on swimming across the Atlantic). Not the prettiest holiday celebrations. Feel free to google the may day history on your own..... I don't want to spoil it for you but here's a few additonal phrases to search by:

May Day Riot

May Day death

May Day Soviet Union

May Day Nazis germany holiday

May day bonfires

Laid on may day - starring Brianna Banks

You guys couldn't go with 4th of July or.... I don't know.... maybe protest when there is going to some action reguarding the immigration bill in the Senate (novmember).... you know the issue your rallying against... instead of a random day in May? Maybe for a week... or weekend.... but hey don't listen to me... enjoy the day off...

I'm going to predict one thing here... Illegal immigrants will be working Monday... why? because they typically live pay check to pay check and have unstable jobs.... so who will be taking the day off and at these rallies? ....... Americans... latin/hispanic.. Americans... but don't worry I'm sure they are speaking for and rallying for the immigration rights of all immigrants: arabs, asians, euros, hatian, jews, cubans, canadiens, africans, austrialians, koreans, japs, jamicans, russians, Penelope Cruz, and hawaians.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I am born again

I am born again -- Mitch Martin

Its been a long time since my last entry......... and i've been getting a lot of your questions......
"Where have you been Menace?, What are you doing?, Are you dead?, Do you still have that denise richards poster when she was Wild Things Hot and if so can I borrow it and do you think i have a shot with her?, When are you going to blog again?, I ate some bad chineese?, and You suck!" .......... and here are your answers.......
here, nuthin. what are you doin?, no mom sorry I haven't called, no dad, today, there's good chineese?, thanks shane.

I know some of you have more questions and I have no problem answering, but I want to take this time to dispell some of the mainstream rumors out there about my absense.

- I left to run for New Orleans Mayor (I don't think the city was ready for my "A white chocolate New Orleans" campaign)

- I died (Only little inside..... everyday... like the rest of you)

- I replaced Efraim Halevy to head up Mossad (I've just screwed myself for writing the word Mossad....... seriously in 12 days i'm going to be buried in the dessert)

- I was killed by a shark (never.. all you have to do is punch it in the nose. how hard can it be?)

- Hiding in Denmark for drawing a cartoon (not true. i would never visit to Denmark, they are violent people, ever read Hamlet.)

- Reunited with Snake Eyes to disarm Iran only to be shot down while flying over there... and stranded deep in the African jungle where Stormshadow and Zartan's gang are trying to hunt us down........... (I haven't heard from Snake Eyes since my last letter)

- I left with Kylie(my dog who i have renamed Stinks) for Germany where it is legal to marry your dog. (why buy the cow when i get the milk for free)

- I was arrested for stalking Sharon Tay after I was caught under her anchor desk with a tub of banana pudding and a catcher's mit (Again i'm glad i'm dispelling these rumors. Not true it was with Natalie Morales and a bottle of hot dog water and lufa)

In short I've returned. If there are any other rumors floating out there about my absene let me hear them so i can explain.
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